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FDNA & Peninsula Waves - High Performance Pathway Program

The FDNA/PW High Performance Program will deliver initiatives such as; school netball engagement program, netball clinics, high performance camps, junior leadership and coach program, coach and umpire development workshops and clinics, talented athlete scholarship, along with a dedicated communications and marketing strategy to maximise program longevity and ensure the program reaches the specified broader community.

Program’s Purpose: “To deliver a unique high-performance program for aspiring athletes to excel in netball and life”

Program's Mission: To provide a high performance pathway to empower athletes, coaches, umpires & administrators to achieve success & strengthen the sport of netball.

2018 -2020 Strategic Plan

The Frankston District Netball Association (FDNA) with Peninsula Waves (PW) High Performance Program Strategic Plan will play an integral role in guiding their High Performance Program to achieve its goals over the next two years. As a road map for strategic direction, this Plan in conjunction with the more detailed Work Plan and Budget, will be used extensively by the Steering Committee and Project Manager, and when necessary, these documents will be modified to reflect ongoing program development and needs.

With the generous government funding support provided through Chris Crewther MP – Member for Dunkley, Victoria, this wonderful program for the community will be brought to life.

In summary, the High Performance Program strategic priorities are:

– Junior participation
Develop junior programs and channels tailored to introduce, recruit, transition and retain participants in netball.

– Talent pathway
A clear & compelling talent pathway; talent is nurtured and developed for players, coaches, umpires, administrators & support staff enabling them to reach their potential.

– People, culture and brand
A unified, high performing, supported and engaged workforce capable of delivering our vision, achieving our mission and communicating and promoting our brand.

To download a copy of the FDNA | Peninsula Waves 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, CLICK HERE.